Sufficiently Analyzed Magic is based on the trope that any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from science. It explores the themes of transhumanism, magic as a replacement of technology, and explores a society that discovered magic instead of engineering and the effects that butterfly would have. It features a mankind that has reached the stars using a combination of pilfered alien technology, ruthless ambition, technomagery and applied phlebotinum.

In this work earth is a later Tier 1, Low Tier 2 on the Kardeshev scale. We’ve conquered FTL, Brain Uploading, Easy Terraforming and Cloning, and animal uplifting. We’ve also figured how to desalinate water and figured out solutions to things like hunger and disease.

Earth, despite these advances, is still kind of a crappy place to live due to numerous wars in the early 21st century that radically changed parts of the ecosystem. There’s also a society called the Fomor that live in the deeper parts of the ocean that have established a shaky peace with the surface after decades of biological warfare. Finally there’s something under Antarctica that is sleeping, for now.

Because of these issues Earth is in a hurry to colonize as many planets as possible. Along the way we’ve run into a society hailing from the Andromeda galaxy that we’ve befriended more or less, but they have their own issues that have semi-crippled them from helping us.

SAM opens up nearly a century after a war that has united the Sol system, and follows the crew of Jeremiah Owens as they encounter a race of creatures that brings to light a part of the past that the leadership of Sol prefers to keep quiet, and plunges the United Planets into a war they can ill afford.

Chapter 1

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